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*'''[ Virginia Research Aids]. '''This section includes:
#Featured web sitewebsite. This section is updated periodically with web sites websites that aid the Virginia researcher in some way. These, for the most part, are Virginia specific sites. They may encompass the entire state or a local site. 
#Miscellaneous. This section includes '''articles''' that may not be Virginia specific but are, nonetheless, of value to the Virginia researcher. Additionally, it contains the '''''Newsletter'' queries'''. The Society also maintains and periodically updates in this section a list of '''Virginia-based researchers '''in Word and PDF format.
*''The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy'' vols. 1-40 are available on CD; vols. 34-45 are available for purchase as printed back issues.<br>
To learn more about and purchase publications, visit the [ Store] on our web sitewebsite.<br>
=== Benefits to Those Who Join the Society ===
*Twenty percent discount on Society publications.
To learn more, visit the&nbsp;[ Membership]&nbsp;page on our web sitewebsite.<br>
=== Society Happenings ===
==== Meetings ====
The Society holds an annual membership meeting as part of its spring conference in Richmond. Please visit the&nbsp;[ Home] or [ Events]&nbsp;page on our web site website for announcements and notifications.<br>
==== Workshops ====
The Society holds two conferences each year: one in the spring in Richmond, Virginia; and one in the fall at various locations around the state.&nbsp;
The &nbsp;2012 Fall Conference, entitled "Lynchburg and Appomattox: Moving Towards The End of the Long Conflict," will be held on October 12-13,&nbsp;2012 at the Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Virginia (Friday) and the Kirkley Hotel &amp; Conference Center, 2900 Chandlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg, Virginia (Saturday).&nbsp;You can register for the conference on our web site website [ here]. Be sure you are logged in with your member account prior to ordering online to receive the member's discount.&nbsp;VGS and BGSI (Bedford Genealogical Society, Inc.) members pay $36 through September 29th.&nbsp;Non-members pay $45 through September 29th.&nbsp;After September 29th, prices go up by $10 for everyone, so register early!&nbsp;Online registration will end after October 8th to allow time to organize event details. You can register by phone or as a walk-in after October 8th, but we cannot guarantee that a meal will be available.&nbsp;No refunds will be made after October 1st.<br>
Please visit the [ Home] or [ Events] page on our web site website for announcements and notifications.<br>
==== Board Meetings ====
The Board of Governors meets at the Society's administrative offices in Richmond, Virginia,&nbsp;on the first Sunday of the last month of each quarter. Please visit the [ Contacts] page on the web site website for a list of officers.
=== Society Projects ===

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