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==== Condition of Original Registers—<br> ====
'''Indexed:'''&nbsp; For an index to these records, see [ Scotland’s People] website, a pay-for-view website. The Scottish Church Records Index is also still available at the [[Family History Library|Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City.&nbsp; Some of the records may also be indexed in several other [ FamilySearch collections] for Scotland.<br>'''Births:''' There are separate birth records, from 1808–1828 inclusive, for the east and north parishes of Westray. The two parishes were again united in 1829. There are irregular records of the births of children in Westray 1807–1844. Also a certified copy embracing the baptismal registers for the various divisions of the united parish in which the entries, often irregular in the original, appear to be inserted in chronological order.<br>'''Marriages:''' There is a certified copy of marriages for 1805–1819.<br>'''Source:''' ''Key to the Parochial Registers of Scotland'', by V. Ben Bloxham, pub. 1970. British Book {{FHL|941 K23b|disp=941 K23b}}.
== Established Church—Kirk Session Records ==

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