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Nevada, United States Genealogy

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== Counties ==
Genealogy records are kept on the county level in Nevada. Click on a county below to go to the Wiki article listing more information.
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*[[Carson City, Nevada|Carson City (Independent City)]]
*[[Elko County, Nevada Genealogy|Elko]]
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*[[Esmeralda County, Nevada Genealogy|Esmeralda]]
*[[Eureka County, Nevada Genealogy|Eureka]]
*[[Lander County, Nevada Genealogy|Lander]]
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*[[Lincoln County, Nevada Genealogy|Lincoln]]
*[[Lyon County, Nevada Genealogy|Lyon]]
*[[Nye County, Nevada Genealogy|Nye]]
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*[[Pershing County, Nevada Genealogy|Pershing]]
*[[Storey County, Nevada Genealogy|Storey]]
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