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Updating events for Q4 2016
Held each month on the third Thursday at noon, these presentations are designed to be short (30-45 minutes)&nbsp;and narrowly-focused. They are less formal than a class, and meant to be interactive. Feel free to bring your lunch, and eat while you're learning!<br>
=== ThursdaySaturday, July 21October 8, 2016 , 10 am - noon&nbsp; ===
National Family History Month Open House: ''Collection-specific Search Strategies: Understand what you're searching/Search more effectivelyThe Power of Story''
= <br>'''RootsMagic User Group''' =
This group meets every other month on the third Thursday at 10:00 AM. <br>
=== Thursday, September 15November 17, 2016 ===
10:00 - 11:30 am
Moderator, editor, pagecreator


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