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= Our presenters: =
'''Cameron Blackhurst''' is Chartered Organization Representative for Boy Scout Troop 109 and a third generation Scouter. He is a husband, father, professional musician, and soldier in the US Army. He speaks Japanese fluently and recently completed a Spartan race.
'''Janet Cummings''' is a volunteer docent with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and Assistant Director of the WIlliamsburg Family History Center. She is a retired school principal and speech pathologist.
'''Peggy Natoli Duffy''' is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired school nurse, and long-time patron of the Williamsburg Family History Center. She is the volunteer co-facilitator of our RootsMagic User Group, an avid quilter, and loyal William and Mary soccer fan.
'''Lise Embley''' is a writer/editor and content specialist at the National Center for State Courts, a wife, mother, grandmother, and director of the Williamsburg Family History Center. In all four roles, she enthusiastically leverages technology to organize, analyze, synthesize, preserve, and share information.
'''Nathan B. Oman''', professor, William and Mary Law School, is a husband, father, gardener, banjo player, runner , and fly fisherman.
Moderator, editor, pagecreator


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