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Harmon County, Oklahoma Genealogy

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From 1860 to 1896, the State of Texas claimed an area known as Greer County, Texas which included present-day Greer County along with neighboring areasFounded in 1909. The new county was assigned to the Oklahoma Territory on May 4, 1896, and when Oklahoma became a state, named in addition to becoming Greer Countyhonor of Judson Harmon, the region who was also further split into Harmon, Jackson, and part Governor of Beckham countiesOhio at the time. Its county seat The County Seat is MangumHollis.<ref></ref> Harmon County, Oklahoma was founded in 1909. The Government Seat is Hollis. The Largest city is Hollis.<ref>https:accessed 09/29/,_Oklahoma2016</ref>
==== Boundary Changes ====
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