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Willacy County, Texas Genealogy

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Willacy County's first courthouse is now located in [[Kenedy County, Texas Genealogy|Kenedy]] County.&nbsp; When Willacy County was organized in 1911, Sarita was selected as the county seat.&nbsp; In 1917, construction began on a three-story Classic Revival style courthouse.&nbsp; In 1921, Kenedy County was organized out of the northern part of Willacy County; Sarita and the new courthouse were now part of Kenedy County.&nbsp; Raymondville was selected as the county seat; and construction began on a new courthouse, a Classic Revival style building is a grand three-story brick structure with limestone details.&nbsp; This courthouse continues to serve Willacy County.<ref> Willacy County</ref><br>
Willacy County Courthouse<br>County Clerk - Hon. Terry Flores<br>576 W. Main St.<br>Raymondville, Texas 78580<br>Office (956) 689-2710<br>Fax (956) 689-9849<br>[ Willacy County Government Website]
==== Willacy County, Texas Record Dates ====
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