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| FS_URL_04 = [[United States Civil War 1861 to 1865, Part 1]]
| FS_URL_05 = [[United States Civil War 1861 to 1865, Part 2]]
| FS_URL_06 = [ General Pension Index[Tennessee Genealogy]]| FS_URL_07 = [[Tennessee Archives and Libraries]]
| FS_URL_08 =
| FS_URL_09 =
| RW_URL_02 = [ Ancestry] ($) Searchable Civil War service records
| RW_URL_03 = [ NARA Genealogy Research in Military Records]
| RW_URL_04 = [ General Pension Index]
| RW_URL_05 =
| RW_URL_06 =
*Try alternative search methods such as only filling in the surname search box (or the given name search box) on the landing page leaving the other box empty and then click on search. This should return a list of everyone with that particular name. You could then browse the list for individuals that may be your ancestor.
{{Tip|Don't overlook {{FHL|Tennessee, Civil War|keywords|disp}} items in the FamilySearch Catalog. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see the wiki article [[Tennessee Archives and Libraries]]. For additional information about this state see the wiki article [[Tennessee Genealogy]].}}
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