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Rockingham County, New Hampshire Genealogy

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==== Land and Property ====
Rockingham County deeds are at the county courthouse listed above. Some records such as road records have been transferred to the [ aspx New Hampshire State Archives]. You can go to their internet site, and see the Guide to Archives to learn which Rockingham County records are there. The Family History Library has microfilms of the grantor (seller), and grantee (buyer) deed indexes for 1643-1882.
You can find the film numbers by seeing the [*,0,0 FamilySearch Catalog], New Hampshire, Rockingham, Land and Property. The Family History Library also has the deed volumes for 1770-1852 on microfilms. If you need deed records after 1852 you will need to visit the courthouse, or hire someone to look at the records for you.
There are very early deed records that go back to the 1640s. These are indexed in the grantor and grantee indexes, 1643-1882 mentioned above. To learn more about these very early records that pertain to Dover (now in Stratford County, New Hampshire), Exeter, Hampton, and Portsmouth, see the [ New Hampshire state wiki], Land and Property section. The deeds are [*%2C0%2C0&titleno=206860&disp=Records+of+the+county+of+Norfolk%2C+in+t++ available with an index on films].
==== Local Histories ====
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