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Utah, United States Genealogy

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Guide to '''Utah ancestry, family history, and genealogy '''birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.
{{UT-sidebar}} == Utah Information ==Utah is a state in the intermountain western portion of the United States. It is divided into 29 counties and it's its capital is Salt Lake City. It was admitted to the Union as the 45th state on 4 Jan 1896. It was created from the Utah Territory. For a history of early Utah click [[Early Utah History|here]] <ref>Wikipedia contributors, "List of US States by Date of Admission," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',, accessed 31 Oct 2016.</ref>
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<h3>Getting Started with Utah Research</h3>
Links to articles on getting started with Utah research:
 *[[GuidedResearch:Utah|Guided Research]]*[[Step-by-Step Utah Research, 1900-Present|Step-by-Step Utah Research, 1900-Present]]
*[[Step-by-Step Utah Research, 1850-1905|Step-by-Step Utah Research, 1850-1905]]
*[[How to Find Utah Birth Records|How to Find Birth Records]]
*[[Utah Research Tips and Strategies|Research Strategies]]
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<h3>Utah Research Tools</h3>
Links to articles and websites that assist in Utah research.
 *[[Utah Record Selection TableFinder|Utah Record Finder]]*[ Boundary Changes for Utah Counties]
*[[Utah Archives and Libraries|Utah Archives and Libraries]]
*[ UTGenWeb] *[ 5707269042885 Geographical Names Information System] - U.S. gazetteer of places, cemeteries and post offices in Utah. |}{||<brdiv id="fsButtons"><brspan class="online_records_button">{{Click|Image:UT_ORP.png|[[Utah Online Genealogy Records}} ]]</span>|<span class="community_button">[[File:Ask the Community Button New Version.jpg|link=FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook]]{{Adoption Utah Genealogical Association}}|Ask the <br>Community]]<br/span><br><br/div>|}
== Utah Clickable Map ==
Many genealogy records are kept on the county level in the United States. Click on a county below to go to the county Wiki article listing more information.
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== Counties ==
'''Counties:''' Many genealogy records are kept at the county level
{| style="width:70%"
|<ul class="column-spacing-fullscreen" style="widthpadding-right:16%5px;"|>* <li>[[Beaver County, Utah Genealogy|Beaver]] </li>* <li>[[Box Elder County, Utah Genealogy|Box Elder]] </li>* <li>[[Cache County, Utah Genealogy|Cache]] </li>* <li>[[Carbon County, Utah Genealogy|Carbon]] </li>* <li>[[Daggett County, Utah Genealogy|Daggett]] </li>* <li>[[Davis County, Utah Genealogy|Davis]]</li> |style="width:16%"|* <li>[[Duchesne County, Utah Genealogy|Duchesne]] </li>* <li>[[Emery County, Utah Genealogy|Emery]] </li>* <li>[[Garfield County, Utah Genealogy|Garfield]] </li>* <li>[[Grand County, Utah Genealogy|Grand]] </li>* <li>[[Iron County, Utah Genealogy|Iron]] </li>* <li>[[Juab County, Utah Genealogy|Juab]]</li> |style="width:16%"|* <li>[[Kane County, Utah Genealogy|Kane]] </li>* <li>[[Millard County, Utah Genealogy|Millard]] </li>* <li>[[Morgan County, Utah Genealogy|Morgan]] </li>* <li>[[Piute County, Utah Genealogy|Piute]] </li>* <li>[[Rich County, Utah Genealogy|Rich]] </li>* <li>[[Salt Lake County, Utah Genealogy|Salt Lake]]</li> |style="width:16%"|* <li>[[San Juan County, Utah Genealogy|San Juan]] </li>* <li>[[Sanpete County, Utah Genealogy|Sanpete]] </li>* <li>[[Sevier County, Utah Genealogy|Sevier]] </li>* <li>[[Summit County, Utah Genealogy|Summit]] </li>* <li>[[Tooele County, Utah Genealogy|Tooele]] </li>* <li>[[Uintah County, Utah Genealogy|Uintah]]</li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Utah County, Utah, Genealogy|Utah]] </li>* <li>[[Wasatch County, Utah Genealogy|Wasatch]] </li>* <li>[[Washington County, Utah Genealogy|Washington]] </li>* <li>[[Wayne County, Utah Genealogy|Wayne]] </li>* <li>[[Weber County, Utah Genealogy|Weber]]</li></ul>
'''Extinct or Renamed Countiesformer counties that might have records for your Utah ancestors:'''
{| style="width:70%"
|<ul class="column-spacing-fullscreen" style="widthpadding-right:16%5px;"|>* <li>[[Carson County, Nevada Genealogy|Carson NV]]</li>* <li>[[Cedar County, Utah Genealogy|Cedar UT]]</li>* <li>[[Desert County, Utah Genealogy|Desert UT]]</li> |style="width:16%"|* <li>[[Greasewood County, Utah Genealogy|Greasewood UT]]</li>* <li>[[Great Salt Lake County, Utah Genealogy|Great Salt Lake UT]]</li>* <li>[[Green River County, Utah Genealogy|Green River UT]]</li> |style="width:16%"|* <li>[[Humboldt County, Nevada Genealogy|Humboldt NV]]</li>* <li>[[Little Salt Lake County, Utah Genealogy|Little&nbsp;Salt Lake UT]]</li>* <li>[[Malad County, Idaho Genealogy|Malad ID]]</li> |style="width:16%" <li>[[Pah-Ute County, Arizona Genealogy|Pah-Ute AZ]]</li>* <li>[[Richland County, Utah Genealogy|Richland UT]]</li>* <li>[[Rio Virgin County, Utah Genealogy|Rio Virgin UT]]</li>* <li>[[Saint Mary's County, Nevada Genealogy|Saint Mary's NV]]</li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Shambip County, Utah Genealogy|Shambip UT]]</li></ul>
== Utah Migration Routes =={| style="float:right; |- |{{MormonLDSRemoval}} |} [[California Trail]]{{·}} [[Central Overland Trail]]{{·}} [[Mormon Trail]]{{·}} [[Mormon Trail to Southern California]]{{·}} [[Old Spanish Trail]]{{·}} [[Central Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Union Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Southern Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Denver and Rio Grande Railroad]]
[[California Trail]]{{·}} [[Central Overland Trail]]{{·}} [[Mormon Trail]]{{·}} [[Mormon Trail to Southern California]]{{·}} [[Old Spanish Trail]]{{·}} [[Central Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Union Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Southern Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Denver and Rio Grande Railroad]] ==FamilySearch Resources==Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in researching your family.<br>
== FamilySearch Resources ==
Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in resourcing your family.<br>
*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|Facebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research
*[ landing?search=Getting%20Started&show=lessons&message=true Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses*[ Historical Records] - databases and record images on FamilySearch
*[ Family History Center locator map]
== Additional Resources ==*'''2001-2014''' - {{RecordSearch|2311973| index, 2001-2014}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*[ Cyndi's List] - Utah genealogy sites on the internet
*[ Utah Genealogy Trails] - collection of transcribed data for the state of Utah
*[ Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness] - Guide to Ancestry and Family Tree Records for Utah
*[ Utah Research Outline] – Original Family History Library research outline; contains many out of date links
*[ Utah Death Certificates 1904-1964]. These tell birth (some in 1840's!), parents, spouse. (Free) *[ Utah Burial Database] often gives birthdate. (Free) *[ Utah Digital Newspapers Project]. Name searchable. (Free) *[[Tracing LDS Latter-day Saint Ancestors|Tracing LDS (Mormon) AncestorsLatter-day SaintAncestors]]. Wiki how-to pages.
*[ Every Name Index]
== References ==
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