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Österreich, Oberösterreich, Linz Bürgerbücher
== What is Is in the Collection? ==
This collection of citizen records includes the years 1658 to 1937.
Citizen records are reliable, but keep in mind that these do not have as much information as church and civil records. Use these records when vital information can’t be found elsewhere.
===To Browse this This Collection===
Whenever possible, view the original records to verify the information and to find additional information that might not be reported. These pieces of information can lead you to additional records and family members. Remember that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name as your ancestor and that your ancestor may have used nicknames or different names at different times.
=== I Found Who I was Was Looking forFor, What Now? ===
*Use the estimated age to calculate a birth date.
:{{Tip|More images are available in the FamilySearch Catalog at [ Austria, Upper Austria, Linz Citizen Rolls, 1658-1937]. Click on camera icon to see images.}}
=== I Can’t Find Who I’m Looking forFor, What Now? ===
*Try viewing the original record to see if there were errors in the transcription of the name, age, residence, etc.
== Citing this This Collection ==
Citing your sources makes it easy for others to find and evaluate the records you used. When you copy information from a record, list where you found that information. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image.
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