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Middlesex Societies

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Addresses of the societies are for the most part where their meetings are held as they are by-and-large not brick-and-mortar institutions.
== Regional Societies == '''London and Middlesex Archaeological Society'''<br>Museum of London<br>150 London Wall<br>London EC2Y 5HN UK<br>Telephone: 020 7410 2228<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ London and Middlesex Archaeological Society] :The following prominentSociety was founded in 1855 ‘for the purpose of investigating the antiquities and early history of the Cities of London and Westminster and the Metropolitan County of Middlesex’. Its activities include arranging lectures and conferences, local family publishing research on the history societies currently comprise and archaeology of London and Middlesex, and helping to monitor the state of historic buildings and monuments in Greater London. '''London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society'''<br>'''Barnet Branch'''<br>Lyonsdown Hall<br>3 Lyonsdown Road<br>New Barnet<br>Hertfordshire EN5 1JB UK<br>Email: []<br>'''City Branch'''<br>Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre<br>Holborn Library<br>33-38 Theobalds Road<br>Holborn, London WC1X 8PA UK<br>Email: []<br>'''Enfield Branch'''<br>St Paul's Centre<br>102a Church Street<br>Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6AR UK<br>Email: []<br>'''Rayners Lane Branch'''<br>Friends' Meeting House<br>456 Rayners Lane<br>Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5DT UK<br>Email: []<br> Email: []<br>Website: [ London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society] :The London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society was formed in 2001 from an amalgamation of two former societies: the London & North Middlesex FHS (formed in 1978) and the Westminster & Central Middlesex FHS. The Society's area now comprises the City of London, the City of Westminster, and the London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, and Islington, together with parts of Ealing and Hillingdon. We aim to bring together all those family historians with ancestors in the area or who live in the area.
== Middlesex Societies ==
'''Hillingdon Family Acton History SocietyGroup'''<br>St Mary’s Church Hall<br>1, The Mount<br>Acton High Street<br>London W3 9NW UK<br>Email: [ gillmayuk info@dialactonhistory.pipexco.comuk]<br>Website: [ Hillingdon Family /acton/page2.html Acton History Group] :Active local history society with regular meetings and a programme of talks; Acton Historian magazine produced twice a year. Members also produce local history publications and lead local walks. '''Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society'''<br>Chiswick Memorial Club<br>Bourne Place<br>Chiswick, London W4 2EL UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society] :The objects of the Society are to stimulate interest in the history of the area by original research and fieldwork, by visits to places of interest, by the holding of meetings, by publication, and by other means '''Enfield Archaeological Society'''<br>Jubilee Hall<br>2 Parsonage Lane<br>Enfield, London EN2 0AJ UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Enfield Archaeological Society]
''':Founded in 1955, the Enfield Archaeological Society is active in carrying out research and fieldwork in and around the London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Borough of Enfield, in order to understand and preserve its history. Our main aims are to promote the practice and study of archaeology in the district; to record and preserve all finds in the borough and encourage others to allow their finds to be recorded by the Society'''<br>Email: [ secretary@lwmfhs; and to co-operate with neighbouring societies with similar]<br>Website: [ London Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society]
'''West Middlesex Family Friern Barnet & District Local History Society'''<br>North Middlesex Golf Club<br>The Manor House<br>Friern Barnet Lane<br>London N20 0N UK<br>Telephone: 020 8368 8314<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ West Middlesex Family / Friern Barnet & District Local History Society]
== London (Greater London) Societies ==:The Society was named “Friern Barnet and District” as a reflection of its interest in not only the area covered by the former Friern Barnet Urban District Council but also the neighbouring areas of New Southgate, North Finchley, and Whetstone. Our aims are to encourage the preservation of things of local interest, to study and record local history, and to arrange lectures on topics of local and general historical interest.
'''East of London Family Hayes & Harlington Local History Society'''<br>Botwell Green Library<br>East Avenue<br>Hayes<br>Hillingdon, London UB3 2HW UK<br>Telephone: 07973 112683<br>Email: []<br>Website: [www.eolfhs East of London Family /charities/291831 Hayes & Harlington Local History Society]
Other societies :To advance public education in the Greater London region include local history of the following ones as well:Hayes and Harlington area to secure the preservation and protection of features, documents, objects and records of historic interest relating to or in the area of Hayes and Harlington.
== Essex Societies =='''Hendon & District Archaeological Society'''<br>Avenue House<br>East End Road<br>Finchley, London N3 3QE UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Hendon & District Archaeological Society]
'''Waltham Forest Family History Society'''<br>Email: []<br>Website: [http://www.wffhs.orgThe objects of HADAS are the advancement of archaeological and historical research and education for the public benefit, with particular reference to the archaeology and history of the London Borough of Waltham Forest Family History Society]
== Kent (Greater London) Societies =='''Hillingdon Family History Society'''<br>Hillingdon Park Baptist Church Hall<br>25 Hercies Road<br>Hillingdon Circus<br>Uxbridge, Middlesex UB10 9LS UK<br>Telephone: 01753 885602<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Hillingdon Family History Society]
<br>[Explanation/description/purpose of the society] Adopt-a-Wiki Page slogo :Hillingdon Family History Society was founded in 1988 and exists to promote and encourage family history, local history, and genealogy.
'''Hornsey Historical Society'''<br>Union Church Hall<br>Weston Park, London N8 9PX<br>Telephone: 020 8348 8429<br>Email: [Information about a research facility and online]<br>Website: [ Hornsey Historical Society]
<br> :The Society was originally formed to research, preserve, and promote the history of the parish of Hornsey, and from 1983 included the area covered by the parliamentary constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green.
{| width="326" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"|-! scope="col" colspan="5" | Northwest Kent Family '''Islington Archaeology & History Society|-| Description &amp; History LOGO to the Right side | '''<br>Islington Town Hall<br>Upper St<br>London N1 2UD UK<br>Email: []<br> | | | |-| Membership | Website: [ Islington Archaeology &nbsp; | | | |-| Collections and Online Databases | | | | |-| On-going Projects | Yes| | | |-| Publications | Yes| | | |-| Newsletters and journals | Yes| | | |-| Books | | | | |-| Social Media Presence | Yes| | | |-| Research and Look-up Services | Yes| | | |-| Contact Information:History Society]
| :The Islington Archaeology &nbsp; Website: www.nwkfhs.orgHistory Society is here to investigate, learn, and celebrate the heritage that is left to
&nbsp; '''Pinner Local History Society'''<br>Pinner Village Hall<br>Chapel Ln<br>Pinner, London HA5 1AA UK<br>Telephone: 0208 424 8445<br>Email: secretary[]<br>Website: [ Pinner Local History Society]
| '''Ruislip Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society'''<br>St Martin's Church Hall<br>High Street<br>Ruislip<br>Hillingdon, London HA4 8DG UK<br>| Telephone: 01895 673299<br>Email: []<br>| |}Website: [ Ruislip Northwood & Eastcote Local History Society]
:We aim to promote the conservation of Ruislip'''North West Kent Family History Society'''<br>Email: []<br>Website: [http://www.nwkfhs.orgs heritage and to bring the history of this area to North West Kent Family History Society]
'''Woolwich & District Family Borough of Twickenham Local History Society'''<br>St Mary’s Church Hall<br>Church Street<br>Twickenham, London TW1 3NJ UK<br>Telephone: 0208 737 0371<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Woolwich & District Family / Borough of Twickenham Local History Society]
== Surrey (Greater :The Borough of Twickenham Local History Society focuses on the history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington, and the Hamptons which in 1965 was incorporated into the newly established London) Societies ==Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
'''East Surrey West Middlesex Family History Society'''<br>Montague Hall<br>Montague Road<br>Hounslow, London TW3 1LD UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ East Surrey West Middlesex Family History Society]
Here's some important benefits in [[England_Societies#Ten_Benefits_of_Membership_in_Local_Family_History_Societies|joining a local :The principal objectives of the West Middlesex Family History Society are to promote the study of all aspects of family history society]]and allied subjects; to encourage the practice of, and distribution of information on, family history and related subjects, by means of lectures on relevant topics; and to preserve and promote access to records and any other sources of material by transcription, indexing, and publication.&nbsp;
== References =='''Willesden Local History Society'''<br>St.Mary's Parish Centre<br>Neasden Lane<br>Church End & Roundwood<br>London NW10 2TS UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Willesden Local History Society]
<references /> :The WLHS was formed by local enthusiasts who were interested in the history of the old Borough. The founder members had two main objectives: to ensure that the two thousand years of Willesden's history was not lost when the then new administrative Borough of Brent was born, and to seek out and record historical facts, because a community's future health is enhanced by a good knowledge of its past.
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