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Mexico Quick Start Guide

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== Mexico: Ancestor's birth, marriage, or death location unknown<br> ==
[ '''FamilySearch Indexed Records:'''] Try searching in the indexed records for the name of the ancestor if they were born before 1900. Limit your results to the country of Mexico and the name of the state if known. If no results, the patron will have to find more information from home sources or by asking family members.
'''[ 1930 Mexico Federal Census]:''' If ancestor lived in Mexico (but not in the Federal District/Mexico City) in 1930, try a search in indexed records to see if he was in the 1930 census of Mexico.
== Mexico: Ancestor's birth, marriage or death location and names of parents, children, or spouse are known <br> ==
[ '''FamilySearch Indexed records:''' ]Try searching first in indexed records. Try a variety of searches with ancestor’s name, or with parents’ names, or just by parents’ surnames AND using the option to limit locality by country Mexico and under event use ANY and the name of the state in Mexico.
[ '''FamilySearch Browse Images:'''] If no results from previous search for the ancestor or any siblings, you will have to browse images for the locality. [[Mexico Civil Registration|Civil Registration]] began in 1857 in Mexico but most places didn’t begin to register information until the 1860s. [[Mexico Church Records|Catholic Church records]] are also a good choice as they cover all time periods. If you can find the ancestor in both record types, that is best as you will get more information to advance the pedigree.
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