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Family History Library/Group Visit Options

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*'''Boy Scout Genealogy merit badge workshop:''' The Family History Library offers a monthly Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge workshop, on the third Saturday of each month. Prior registration is required to attend. For more information see [ Genealogy merit badge workshop]
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== Family History Research Classes ==
== Prepare for Your Visit ==
  Here are some tips that will make your group’s visit to the Family History Library a great experience:
*'''Obtain a FamilySearch Account in advance.''' If your groups plans to learn about how to use FamilySearch Family Tree, you will have a much more productive experience if all of the members of your group obtain a [ FamilySearch Account] (either an LDS account or FamilySearch account) '''before''' coming to the library. Go to the FamilySearch account link previously mentioned to obtain an account. When you come to the library, be sure to have each member of your group brings his or her username and password.
*'''Bring genealogical information.''' Have each member of your group bring some genealogical information about his or her family. For example, who in your family do you want to find more information about? If you have a specific name, a place where they came from, and an estimated birth, marriage or death date, your searching will be more successful.
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