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'''[[Denmark Genealogy|Denmark]]'''
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| CID = CID2421847
| title =Denmark, Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928 | location = Denmark
| LOC_01 =
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| record_type =Deeds & Mortgages
| start_year =1572 | end_year =1928 | language =[[Danish Word List|Danish ]], [[German Word List|German]]| title_language =Danmark, Skøde- og Panteprotokoller | FS_URL_01 =[[GuidedResearch:Denmark Genealogy|Denmark Guided Research]] | FS_URL_02 = [[Denmark Record Finder]]| FS_URL_03 = [[Denmark Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]| FS_URL_04 = [[Denmark Genealogy]] | FS_URL_05 = [[Germany Land and Property]]| FS_URL_06 = [[Denmark, Estate Records - FamilySearch Historical Records]] | FS_URL_07 = [[Danish Gods]]| FS_URL_08 = [[Denmark Language and Languages]]| FS_URL_09 = [[Denmark Probate word list]]| FS_URL_10 = [[German Genealogical Word List]]| RW_URL_01 FS_URL_11 = [[Germany Handwriting]]| FS_URL_12 = [[German Language and Languages]]| FS_URL_13 =[[Denmark,_HaderslevHaderslev,_Deeds_and_Mortgages_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records) Denmark, Haderslev - Deeds and Mortgages- FamilySearch Historical Records]] | RW_URL_02 FS_URL_14 =| FS_URL_15 =| RW_URL_01 =[ The National Archives of Denmark - Genealogy research - how to get started] | RW_URL_02 =
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| custodian =[ Provincial Danish National Archives of Northern Jutland]
== What is in This Collection? ==
This collection contains deeds, mortgages, and other records related to property ownership for the years 1572 to 1928, for South Jutland, Denmark.
This collection contains deeds Deeds and mortgages for the years 1572 to 1928, for South Jutland, Denmark. These records are in Danish. For help documents dealing with the language see the section [[Denmark, Deeds and Mortgages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|"For Help Reading These Records"]] below. Deeds and mortgages are binding contractsreal property. These records along with some land books (jordebøger) others were kept by the estate owner. See the following articles for additional information which may be helpful to you.  *[[Denmark, Estate Records (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
*[[Danish Gods]]
Many of the records in this collection are unique to this region of Denmark, and follow practices found in Prussia. Some of the records included in this collection are:*Bibog*Grundakter*Grundbøger*Kontrakter*Skødeprotokoller*Skode- og panteprokoller*UdskiftningssagerA bibog is where the full text of the mortgage document is transcribed. The German the word for bibog is ''Nebenbuch''=== Image Visibility ==={{Image Visibility}}=== Reading These Records === These records are written in Danish and German. For help reading these records see the following: *[[Denmark Handwriting]]*[[Danish Genealogical Word List|Danish]]*[[Denmark Language and Languages]]*[[German Genealogical Word List]]*[[German Language and Languages]]*[[Germany Handwriting]]===To Browse This Collection=== 
|title=Denmark, Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928
== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==These records identify transactions involving real property. The names of the principals (seller, purchaser; mortgagor, mortgagee) will be given in the document. Descriptions of the property involved will be given along with specific rights granted or withheld by either party. In some cases entire families may be identified.
== Collection Content ==
Records usually contain the following information:
*Name of the property or estate owner
*Date of land transfer
*Name of person living on the estate
*Details of the transaction such as monies exchanged
=== Sample Images ===
{{Incomplete Image Translations}}  <gallery perrowheights="3160px" heightswidths="120px160px" widthsperrow="160px3">Image:Denmark, Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928 (14-1316) Deed DGS 7042951_4.jpg|Deed1822 Mortgage copy from a bibogImage:Denmark, Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928, dgs 007688425,image 35.jpeg|1887 Receipt
== How Do I Search This Collection? ==
To begin your search it is helpful to know the following:
 *The name of the estate owner or occupant *The name of the property*The location of the estate or parcel of land
*Approximate date of the mortgage or deed
*The residence or location of === View the estate or parcel of land.Images === To search the View images in this collection:<br> ⇒Select by visiting the "'''{{RecordSearch|2421847|Browse" link in the initial search page<br> ⇒Select the "Page|access=browse}}''':# Select '''Archive" <br> ⇒Select the "(Author)'''# Select '''Series and title" <br> ⇒Select the "'''# Select '''Volume and year" which takes you ''' to view the images<br> .
Indexes are available on some of these groups of images. If indexes are available, check these for the name first. Indexes are usually located at the beginning of a group of images or at the end. They maybe alphabetized by the first name or the last name. Find your ancestor’s name and look for the locator information next to the name (such as volume and year). This will help you find the record you are looking for in the collection.
{{HR Tip|More images are available in the FamilySearch Catalog at [ Denmark Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928]. Some catalog records link to multiple references. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.}}=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].== What Do I Do Next? ==
Look at each image comparing the information with what you already know about your ancestors to determine if the image relates to them. You may need to look at several images and compare the information about the individuals listed in those images to your ancestors to make this determination. Keep in mind:
*There may be more than one person in the records with the same name.
*You may not be sure of your own ancestor’s name. *Your ancestor may have used different names or variations of their name throughout their life.{{Tip|More images are available in When searching unindexed records carefully read the document to identify the FamilySearch Catalog at [ Denmark deeds place and mortgages, 1572-1928]. Some catalog records link to multiple references. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.}}persons listed== For Help Reading These Records == These records are in Danish. I Found the Person I Was Looking For help with reading the records see the following wiki articles:  *[[Denmark Probate word list]] *[[Danish Word List]] == , What Do I Do NextNow? === When you have located your ancestor’s record, carefully *Carefully evaluate each piece of information given. *Save a copy of the image or transcribe the information. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details such as a title, an occupation, or land ownership. *Add this new information to your records of each family. You should also look *Examine the record for leads to other records about your ancestors.  ===I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? ===*Consult the [[Denmark Record Finder]] to find other records*Look for variant spellings of the names. You should also look for alias names, nicknames and abbreviated names. *Search the records of nearby localities=== Research Helps ===The following articles will help you in your research for your family in [[Denmark Genealogy|Denmark]].* [[GuidedResearch:Denmark|Denmark Guided Research]]* [[Denmark Record Finder]]* [[Denmark Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]
== Citing This Collection ==
Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.
 ;Collection Citation: "Denmark Deeds and Mortgages, 1572-1928." Images. <i>FamilySearch</i>. <nowiki></nowiki> : accessed 2017. Citing Landsarkivet for Norrejylland, Viborg (Provincial Archives of Northern Jutland, Viborg).{{Collection_Published}}
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