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Family History Library/Group Visit Options

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Fun, Engaging, and Interactive Experiences for Families, Youth and Adults
[[Image:Discovery_Center_activities.jpg|right|thumb|300x300px|Discovery Center Activities]]
*'''Discovery Center:''' Discover your story through fun, engaging, interactive [ experiences]. Discover, picture, and record your story; see yourself in the clothing of an ancestor; or take photos with various backdrops and more! [ Discovery Experience Video] '''(FamilySearch Account & FamilySearch Family Tree Recommended)'''
*'''Search Historical Records Online:''' For the '''''beginning''''' FamilySearch user, learn how to search through historical records on and other online databases to find your ancestors. (30-60 minutes)
*'''Build a FamilySearch Family Tree:''' For the '''''beginning''''' FamilySearch Family Tree user, learn how to build your FamilySearch Family Tree in a highly-interactive, fun presentation. (60 minutes) '''(FamilySearch Account Recommended)'''
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