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Oklahoma Vital Records

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=== Birth and Death Records ===
Some counties kept birth and death records as early as 1891, although most did not start until after statehood in 1907. The early records, which are quite incomplete, are at county courthouses. Contact details for county courts can be found on individual [[Oklahoma , United States Genealogy|county pages]]. The Family History Library has copied some of the vital records of the Superintendent of Public Health in a few counties.
The statewide registration of births and deaths began in [[Oklahoma , United States Genealogy|Oklahoma]] in 1908 and was generally complied with by 1930. You can write to:
Vital Records Service<br>Oklahoma State Department of Health<br>1000 Northeast 10th Street, Room 111<br>Oklahoma City, OK 73117<br>Telephone: 405-271-4040<br>Internet: [ Oklahoma State Department of Health]
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