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*Occupation of father, esp. if infant
==Collection Content==
=== Sample Images ===
Image:004990662 00015 Kent, BT Baptism, 1720.jpg|Pre-1812 Baptismal Record
Image:004990761 00136 Kent, BT Baptism, 1831.jpg|Post-1812 Baptismal Record
Image:004990662 00016 Kent, BT Marriage, 1720.jpg|Pre-1754 Marriage Record
Image:004990659 00156 Kent, BT Marriage, 1760.jpg|1754-1812 Marriage Record
Image:004990761 00153 Kent, BT Marriage, 1832.jpg|Post-1812 Marriage Record
Image:004990662 00006 Kent, BT Burial, 1716.jpg|Pre-1812 Burial Record
Image:004990761 00163 Kent, BT Burial, 1832.jpg|Post-1812 Burial Record
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