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Family History Library/Group Visit Options

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To Schedule Fun, Engaging Classes for Families, Youth and Adults Click here
Here are some of the options your family or group can choose to do while at the Library. '''A free''' '''[ FamilySearch Account] is needed for the best experience.''' [[Image:Young_adults_in_FHL.jpg|thumb|250x250px|Family History Library Computer Lab|left]]
*'''Search Historical Records Online:''' For the beginner. Learn how to search through historical records on (30-60 minutes)
*'''Build a FamilySearch Family Tree:''' For the beginner. Learn how to build your FamilySearch Family Tree. (60 minutes)
*'''FamilySearch Indexing:''' Learn how to index using the FamilySearch Indexing software as an opportunity to give back to the community. (60 minutes)
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