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*[[Spanish Genealogical Word List]]
*[ BYU Spanish Script Tutorial] *FamilySearch Learning Center videos: **[ lesson/reading-spanish-handwritten-records-lesson-1-the-spanish-alphabet/217 Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 1] **[ -records-lesson-2-words-and-dates/218 Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 2] **[https://scriptfamilysearch.byu.eduorg/learningcenter/lesson/Pagesreading-spanish-handwritten-records-lesson-3-reading-spanish-records/220 Reading SpanishHandwritten Records, Lesson 3]If you speak Spanish, the following free online lessons may be helpful to learn how to use the information in these records: *[https:/en/welcomefamilysearch.aspx Script tutorial for org/learningcenter/lesson/documentos-esenciales-para-buscar-a-sus-antepasados/587 Documentos esenciales para buscar a sus antepasados] - Spanish]*[[Argentina Language and Languages] Registros Civiles y Parroquiales]– Spanish
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