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'''Records Start'''<br>
*Death records begin in 1887 but registration was inconsistent.<br>
'''Records Published'''<br>
Collection coverage tables show the places and time periods of original records published. Check the coverage table for the collections you searched which did not include your ancestor. Gaps in the online collection may require searches in other records or original birth records at an archive.
'''Records destroyedDestroyed'''<br>The following counties had record loss. Click on the county for more information.<br>{| style="width:70%; vertical-align:top;"|- |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|*[[White Pine County, Nevada Genealogy#Record Loss|White Pine County]]|}<br>'''[ United States Counties With Records Lossmap] shows which counties and when the loss happened. ''' - Zoom in to the state and click on a county marked in red to see date details.<br>
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