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Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Although Kentucky enacted a statute in 1852-1862 requiring registration of births and deaths,many counties did not comply. A second law was written in 1874-1879, and 1892-1910 but, again, was not always followed. By 1911, the law was more clearly defined and kept by 1920. Any existing births 1852-1960 and death records 1852-1953 can be accessed online. See [[How to Find Kentucky Birth Records|How to Find Kentucky Birth Records]] and [[How to Find Kentucky Death Records|How to Find Kentucky Death Records]] for links to indexes and images.
Original marriage records are held at the office of the [[{{PAGENAME}}#County_Courthouse|{{{PAGENAME}1}_Courthouse|{{PAGENAME}} Clerk]], with divorce records 1849-1958 located with the [[{{PAGENAME}}#County_Courthouse|{{{PAGENAME}1}_Courthouse|{{PAGENAME}} Circuit Court.]] For more information see [[How to Find Kentucky Marriage Records|How to Find Kentucky Marriage Records]]. For Kentucky divorce records see the wiki page [[Kentucky Vital Records#Divorce_Records|Kentucky Vital Records]].<noinclude>[[Category:Templates for KY pages]]</noinclude>
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