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The years 1850-1860 marked a high point for the town of Duxbury; the 1860 population of one thousand residents would not be reached again until the 1990's. There was a variety of reasons for the decline of towns like Duxbury. Most important, perhaps, was the Homestead Act of 1862, which granted 160 fertile acres in the Midwest to anyone who would homestead for a certain number of years.
From its beginnings, Duxbury was divided by its topography into small communities which include Duxbury Corner, North Duxbury, Durkeeville, Scrabble Hill, and South Duxbury. <ref>Duxbury History,Now and Then by Alice DeLong -</ref>&nbsp; <ref>[Town of Duxbury - http://wwwusgenwebsites.rootsweb.ancestry.comorg/~vermontVTGenWeb/WashingtonDuxburyWashington-Co-VT.htmlhtm#duxbury]</ref>
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