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African American Resources for Michigan

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==Introduction==== Online Resources ===
*[ University of Detroit Mercy Black Abolitionist Archives]
*[ Brown v. Board of Education Digital Archive], University of Michigan Library
*[ Slavery petitions and papers]. ($)
*[ Negroes in Michigan during the Civil War]($)<br><br>
==Research Strategy====History==
In the 1796 Detroit census both slaves and free African Americans are listed. The abolitionist movement was strong and the part of a "underground railroad" ran through Michigan. In 1855 the state passed a "personal liberty law" blocking the recovery of fugitive slaves. The automobile industry attracted African Americans to Detroit in the 1900s.<ref>Alice Eichholz, ed., ''Red book : American state, county and town sources'' (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 343. ({{FHL|973 D27rb}}). [ WorldCat entry].</ref>
==Resources=====Biographies======Cemeteries======Census Records======Church Records======Emancipation Records======Funeral Homes======Genealogies======Land and Property=======Plantation=======Oral Histories======Other Records======Military Records======Newspapers======Probate Records======Reconstruction Records=======Freedman’s Bank========Freedmen's Bureau=======School Records======Slavery Records======Vital Records=======Birth========Marriage========Death========Divorce=======Voting Registers=====Archives and Libraries====Societies==
The Burton Historical Collection has African American records. For further reading, see:
*[,1607,7-153-54463_19313---,00.html State Archives of Michigan,] ''Circular No. 29, African-Americans''. Lansing, Mich.: SAM, 2002.
==References= Sources === {{reflist}} <references />
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