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This page will give you additional guidance and resources to find death information for your ancestor. Use this page after first completing the death section of the [[GuidedResearch:Alabama|Alabama Guided Research]] page.
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=== Additional Databases and Online Resources ===
*'''19621600s-20142017:''' [https://wwwsearch.familysearchfindmypast.orgcom/search-world-Records/collection/1202535 united-states-obituary-notices '''<u>United States Social Security Death IndexObituary Notices</u>'''] at FindMyPast ($)*'''1908- 1959:''' [ <u>'''Alabama, Death Index, 1908-1959''''</u>] at FamilySearchAncestry ($)*'''1935-2014:''' [ '''<u>U.S., Social Security Death Index</u>'''] - at Ancestry ($)*'''1936-2007:''' [ '''<u>U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims</u>'''] - at Ancestry ($)
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==== Additional Records with Death Information ====
Substitute records can contain information about more than one event, and are used when records for an event are not available. Because the substitute records may not be created at the time of the event, it may contain incorrect information. Search for as many substitute records as possible to corroborate information found in substitute records to help improve accuracy.
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| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Cemeteries|Cemetery Records]]</center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 2 Alabama Cemetery FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Gravestone inscriptions and cemetery records may include a death date.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Obituaries|Obituaries]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 2 Alabama Obituary FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Obituaries list date and place of death for the deceased. More recent obituaries may also list other deceased family members.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Military Records|Military Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ 5 Alabama Military FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | May include death information for servicemen.
'''Records Start'''<br>
*Varies by County.
*'''1908 ''' Statewide Registration.*'''1925 ''' Compliance to Statewide Registration.
'''Records Publishedby FamilySearch'''<br>Collection coverage tables show the places and time periods of original records publishedby FamilySearch. Check For any FamilySearch collections you did not find your ancestor in, check the coverage table for gaps in the collections you searched which did not include online collection. If the time period or location your ancestor. Gaps lived in is missing from the online collection , it may require searches in other records found at original repository or original birth finding substitute records at an archive.*[ the event.html County death holdings, Alabama]
*[[Alabama Deaths and Burials, Coverage Table (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Alabama Deaths and Burials, Coverage Table]]
'''Records destroyedDestroyed'''<br>
The following counties had record loss. Click on the county for more information.<br>
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