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**Providing personal one-on-one assistance to patrons
**Helping all patrons readily identify and link their ancestors by providing personal instruction and classes.
**Providing access to genealogical records through the Internet or through some on site microfilms.
== What may be found at the Ogden FamilySearch Library ==
** '''''Indexing'''''--Learn how to do web based indexing
** '''''Add Memories'''''--pictures, stories, documents and audio files. Learn how to download the Memory App to your smart phone.
** '''''Scout Genealogy Merit Badge'''''--recommend 2 sessions.
** '''''Research'''''--Learn how to search for documents and attach them as sources using FamilySearch Research
** '''''Special Request'''''--Design your own activity.
=== Popular FamilySearch Links ===
* Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge
** [ Requirements with Links to helpful information on each requirement]
* [ Temple and Family History Consultant information]
* [ YSA Missionary opportunities]
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