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=== '''Group Reservations--please call the Library at (801) 626-1132 for reservations. Some options:''' ===
** '''''Find Ancestor Names to Take to the Temple'''''--Learn techniques for finding ancestors who need temple ordinances.** '''''Become a Family History Detective'''''--for ages 8 to 12--Look for clues in a cemetery, on a computer, in a keepsake suitcase, and keep an evidence folder. Play games your ancestors may have played. Allow about two hours. Earn your Family History Detective badge and certificate if you return with your evidence folder complete. ** '''''Family Tree'''''--Build your pedigree to deceased ancestors. Participants must bring birth and death dates and places about parents, grandparents and great grandparents.** '''''Indexing'''''--Learn how to do web based indexing** '''''Add Memories'''''--pictures, stories, documents and audio files. Learn how to download the Memory App to your smart phone.** '''''Research'''''--Learn how to search for documents and attach them as sources using FamilySearch Research** '''''Special Request'''''--Design your own activity.
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