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Family History Library/Group Visit Options

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Here are some of the options your family or group can choose to do while at the Library. '''A free''' '''[ FamilySearch Account] is needed for the best experience.'''
*'''Boy Scout Genealogy merit badge workshop:''' The Family History Library offers this Boy Scouts accompanied by their parents and/or leaders can work on the third Saturday of each monthand earn their merit badge in genealogy. For registration preparations needed to be completed prior participating in the activity click [[ History Library/Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge Workshop|click here]].
*'''Build a FamilySearch Family Tree:''' For the beginner to learn how to build your FamilySearch Family Tree. (1 hour)
*'''FamilySearch Indexing:''' Learn how to index using the FamilySearch Indexing software as an opportunity to give back to the community. (1 hour)
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