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Nevada County, California Genealogy

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:::*'''''Henness Pass Road''''' 1850 branched off the Truckee Trail at [,_Nevada Verdi, Nevada] headed for [,_California Camptonville] and steamboat service at [,_California Marysville, California]. In 1860 it became a major route to the [ Comstock Lode silver mines] in [[Nevada Genealogy|Nevada]].
:*'''''[[Central Pacific Railroad]]''''' reached Nevada County in 1866. Tracks completed 1869 from [[Ogden, Utah]] to [,_California Sacramento, California]<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "First Transcontinental Railroad" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 2 August 2011).</ref>
*'''1906-1935''' - {{RecordSearch|2137266|California, Pioneer Migration Index, Compiled 1906-1935}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
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