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*Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt. ''Virginia's Colonial Soldiers''. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988. Available at {{FHL|47143|title-id|disp=FHL}}. [Identifies some Northumberland County militia officers, soldier enlistments, and veterans; see place name index.]
*Boogher, William F. ''Gleanings of Virginia History: An Historical and Genealogical Collection, Largely from Original Sources.'' Washington: n.p., 1903. Available at {{FHL|73108|title-id|disp=FHL}}; digital version at [ Google Books]. [Includes a chapter titled "Legislative Enactments connecting the preceding historic sketch [French and Indian War, Lord Dunmore's War] with the adjudication of the resulting accounts that follow; with the list of officers, soldiers and civilians entitled to compensation for military and other services rendered." For Northumberland County, see p. 96.]
*Crozier, William Armstrong. ''Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776''. Baltimore: Southern Book Co., 1954. Available at {{FHL|72797|title-id|disp=FHL}}; digital book at [httphttps://searcharchive.ancestry.comorg/details/virginiacolonial00croz/searchpage/dbn5 Archive].aspx?dbid=4596&o_xid=8910&o_lid=8910 Ancestry] ($). [Identifies some Northumberland County militia officers; see place name index.])
===== Revolutionary War =====
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