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*[ Dutch Genealogy Blog] is a very popular English language blog for Dutch genealogy that has been running since 1993. Informative articles on many subjects can be found.
*[http Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie] (English version) is the government department responsible for Genealogy. They have a search engine with various records. For payment you can view Family Newspaper notices and the Population register records of people who have died between 1939 and 2013.
*[ Dutch Genealogical Society] - for this site you have to register
*[ Ons Voor Geslacht] is another prominent genealogical society. Their subsidiary [ Hogenda] has various transcriptions to pre-1811 records.
*[ Veluwse Genealogical Society]. The “Veluwe” is a district that includes the following municipalities: Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Barneveld, Brummen, Ede, Elburg, Epe, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hattem, Heerde, Hoevelaken, Nunspeet, Nijkerk, Oldebroek, Putten, Renkum, Rheden, Rozendaal, Scherpenzeel, Voorst en Wageningen. The society has published extensively.
*[ Jewish Genealogical Society of the Netherlands]
*[ Genealogie Gazet], an online magazine and sister to Genealogie Online.  
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