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'''American Antiquarian Society'''<br>185 Salisbury Street<br>Worcester MA 01609<br>Telephone:508-755-5221<br>Email []<br>[ Website]<br> This is the largest collection of U.S. printed material to 1876 in the United States. It has extensive newspaper and manuscripts holdings and a strong genealogical collection. A [ detailed guide] to the collection by subject is available online and also find items in their [ online catalog].<br>
'''Worcester Public Library'''<br>3 Salem Square<br>Worcester, MA 01608<br>Telephone:508-799-1655<br>[http local-historygenealogy Website]
'''Worcester Historical Museum'''<br>30 Elm Street<br>Worcester, MA 01609<br>Telephone:508)-753-8278<br>E-mail: []<br>[ Website]
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