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The Essex County Record Office compiled and published a complete surname index covering wills and administrations from eight Essex County probate courts including this court.  The index is available in three volumes at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City:
*[*,0,0 Emmison, F. G., ed.  ''[Index to] Wills at Chelmsford''.  London: s.n., 1961, by the British Record Society.  (FHL book 942 B4b vols. 78, 79 & 84; also on microfilms 0962739 and 0962740, and on microfiche 6073796, 6073797, and 6073802.)]] Wills at Chelmsford
Original handwritten indexes:
Indexes--including calendars, indexes and act books to probate records of this court exist as follows:
*Essex & Hertford calender of wills & administrations, vol. 1-3, 1554-1857,  [*%2C0%2C0&titleno=41422&disp=Wills+and+administrations++ FHL Film 94737]
*Calendar of Wills & Admons:                  1608-1810
*Index, Registered & Unregistered Wills:   1538-1711


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