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= Parish Chest Records =
[[England_Church_RecordsEngland Church Records|Church records]] were kept in a chest (or strongbox) known as the "parish chest." Records other than the parish registers were called "parish chest records." Some of these records still exist from the 16th century, but many do not begin until the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.
Many parish chest records are available at county record offices. Parish chest records include:
=== Vestry Minutes ===
A vestry is a parish’s presiding council. Minutes of vestry meetings often mention individuals, appointments of parish officers, and other affairs (such as agreements for the care of illegitimate children and lists of apprentices, parish newcomers, officials, and men eligible to serve as parish officers). To see examples of Vestry Minutes click [[Turton, Lancashire Vestry Minutes |here]].  
=== Poor and Other Rates ===
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