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Hardeman County, Tennessee Genealogy

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*'''Chandler''' - Chandler, Annamae Barber, Philip A. Gowan, and John R. Rossell. ''Discovering Chandler Lines, 1474-1996, in Tennessee Death Records, 1908-1944''. Seattle, Washington: ABChandler, 1996. FHL FAM HIST Book 929.273 C361ch.
*'''Cooper''' - Clark, Richard Charles. ''The History and Family Tree of Stephen Brannan, Thomas T. Cooper, and William Hughes, 1786-1993''. Chino Valley, Arizona: R.C. Clark, 1993. FHL FAM HIST Book 929.273 B735c.
*'''Corley''' - McMaster, Phyllis&nbsp;Olewine and Gerald B. Corley. ''The Descendants of John W. Corley of Hardeman County, Tennessee: Including Allied Family Lines of Carl, Dick, Hudson, McMaster, and Thompson''. Huntington Beach, Calif.: G.B. Corley, 1989. {{FHL|416860|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;FAM&nbsp;HIST&nbsp;<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1278433328698_531" />Book 929.,273 C813mc}}.
*'''Davis''' - ''Wiley Jarrett Davis - Mary Ann Tedford Family Bible Record: Pocahontas-Hardeman County Tennessee''. Typescript. {{FHL|818118|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;FAM&nbsp;HIST&nbsp;Book 929.273 D299wj}}.
*'''Derryberry''' - Williams, John T. ''The John Wesley C. Derryberry Family, ca. 1800-1973''. MSS., microfilmed in 1983. FHL US/CAN&nbsp;Fiche 6019288.
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