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This page includes the boundaries of wards and branches around 1930's, a timeline history, and how to obtain the records.
'''Source for this page:''' {{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 116-117. {{UTChurchLDSJensonsEnd}}
=== Carbon Stake ===
'''Stake boundaries''' as of about 1930 <br>See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 116-117.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 116-117.</ref><br>
*Area of the County:All of Carbon County, UT
==== Castle Gate Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 121.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 121.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' Consists of the Latter-day Saints residing in the coal-mining camp of Castle Gate, situated in Price River Canyon, three miles north of Helper, and ten miles northwest of Price, the headquarters of the Carbon Stake of Zion.
==== Clear Creek Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 145.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 145.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Columbia Branch ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 155-156.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 155-156.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== &nbsp;Garden Creek Branch ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], No page found. <ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} No page found.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Green River Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 303-304.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 303-304.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Helper Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 331.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 331.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Hiawatha Branch ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 334.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 334.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Kenilworth Branch ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 397.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 397.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Price Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 678-679.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 678-679.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Spring Glen Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 827.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 827.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Standardville Branch ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 832.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 832.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Storrs Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 639.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 639.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Sunnyside Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 847-848.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 847-848.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
==== Wellington Ward ====
See [ ''Encyclopedic History...''], p. 934.<ref>{{UTChurchLDSJensonsBegUTChurchJensonsBeg}} p. 934.</ref><br>
'''Boundaries:''' <br>
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