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*<ul class="column-spacing-halfscreen" style="padding-right:5px;"> <li>[[Andreas, Isle of Man|Andreas]] </li> * <li>[[Arbory, Isle of Man|Arbory]] </li> * <li>[[Ballaugh, Isle of Man|Ballaugh]] </li> * <li>[[Braddan, Isle of Man|Braddan]] (includes Douglas) </li>* <li>[[Bride, Isle of Man|Bride]] </li> | style="vertical-align:top"|* <li>[[German, Isle of Man|German]] (includes Peel) </li>* <li>[[Jurby, Isle of Man|Jurby]] </li> * <li>[[Lezayre, Isle of Man|Lezayre]] </li> * <li>[[Lonan, Isle of Man|Lonan]] (includes Laxey) </li>* <li>[[Malew, Isle of Man|Malew]] (includes Castletown) </li>| style="vertical-align:top"|* <li>[[Marown, Isle of Man|Marown]] </li> * <li>[[Maughold, Isle of Man|Maughold]] (includes Ramsey) </li>* <li>[[Michael, Isle of Man|Michael]] </li> * <li>[[Onchan, Isle of Man|Onchan]] </li> * <li>[[Patrick, Isle of Man|Patrick]] </li>  | style="vertical-align:top"|* <li>[[Rushen, Isle of Man|Rushen]] </li> * <li>[[Santon, Isle of Man|Santon]]</li></ul>

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