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Nevada, United States Genealogy

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|width<ul class="column-spacing-halfscreen" style="100ptpadding-right:5px;"|>* <li>[[Churchill County, Nevada Genealogy|Churchill]]</li>* <li>[[Clark County, Nevada Genealogy|Clark]]</li>* <li>[[Douglas County, Nevada Genealogy|Douglas]]</li>* <li>[[Elko County, Nevada Genealogy|Elko]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Esmeralda County, Nevada Genealogy|Esmeralda]]</li>* <li>[[Eureka County, Nevada Genealogy|Eureka]]</li>* <li>[[Humboldt County, Nevada Genealogy|Humboldt]]</li>* <li>[[Lander County, Nevada Genealogy|Lander]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Lincoln County, Nevada Genealogy|Lincoln]]</li>* <li>[[Lyon County, Nevada Genealogy|Lyon]]</li>* <li>[[Mineral County, Nevada Genealogy|Mineral]] </li> * <li>[[Nye County, Nevada Genealogy|Nye]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Pershing County, Nevada Genealogy|Pershing]]</li>* <li>[[Storey County, Nevada Genealogy|Storey]] </li> * <li>[[Washoe County, Nevada Genealogy|Washoe]]</li>* <li>[[White Pine County, Nevada Genealogy|White Pine]]</li></ul>
'''Independent Cities:''' [[Carson City, Nevada|Carson City]]
|width<ul class="column-spacing-halfscreen" style="100ptpadding-right:5px;"|>* <li>[[Beaver County, Nevada Genealogy|Beaver NV]]</li>* <li>[[Bernalillo County, New Mexico Genealogy|Bernalillo NM]]</li>* <li>[[Carson County, Nevada Genealogy|Carson NV]]</li>* <li>[[Desert County, Nevada Genealogy|Desert NV]]</li>* <li>[[Humboldt County, Utah Genealogy|Humboldt UT]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Iron County, Utah Genealogy|Iron UT]]</li>* <li>[[Juab County, Utah Genealogy|Juab UT]]</li>* <li>[[Lake County, Utah Genealogy|Lake UT]]</li>* <li>[[Millard County, Utah Genealogy|Millard UT]]</li>* <li>[[Mohave County, Arizona Genealogy|Mohave AZ]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Ormsby County,|Ormsby NV]]</li>* <li>[[Pahute County, Nevada Genealogy|Pahute NV]]</li>* <li>[[Pah-Ute County, Arizona Genealogy|Pah-Ute AZ]]</li>* <li>[[Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Genealogy|Rio Arriba NM]]</li>* <li>[[Rio Virgin County, Utah Genealogy|Rio Virgin UT]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Roop County,|Roop NV]]</li>* <li>[[Saint Mary's County,|Saint Mary's UT]]</li>* <li>[[San Juan County, New Mexico (Extinct)|San Juan NM]]</li>* <li>[[Santa Ana County, New Mexico Genealogy|Santa Ana NM]]</li>* <li>[[Taos County, New Mexico Genealogy|Taos NM]]</li> |width="100pt"|* <li>[[Tooele County, Utah Genealogy|Tooele UT]]</li>* <li>[[Valencia County, New Mexico Genealogy|Valencia NM]]</li>* <li>[[Washington County, Utah Genealogy|Washington UT]]</li>* <li>[[Weber County, Utah Genealogy|Weber UT]]</li>* <li>[[Nataqua Territory|Nataqua Territory]]</li></ul>
'''See also:''' [[Previous Jurisdictions to Land in Arizona]] for further details on the annexation of the southeast corner of Nevada.
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