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Mexico Genealogy

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== Jurisdictions ==
|<ul class="column-spacing-fullscreen" style="verticalpadding-alignright:top5px; padding:0.5em"|>* <li>[[Aguascalientes, Mexico Genealogy|Aguascalientes]] </li> * <li>[[Baja California, Mexico Genealogy|Baja California]] </li> * <li>[[Baja California Sur, Mexico Genealogy|Baja California Sur]] </li> * <li>[[Campeche, Mexico Genealogy|Campeche]] </li> * <li>[[Chiapas, Mexico Genealogy|Chiapas]] </li> * <li>[[Chihuahua, Mexico Genealogy|Chihuahua]] </li> * <li>[[Coahuila, Mexico Genealogy|Coahuila]] </li> * <li>[[Colima, Mexico Genealogy|Colima]] </li> |style="vertical-align:top; padding:0.5em"|* <li>[[Distrito Federal, Mexico Genealogy|Distrito Federal]] </li> * <li>[[Durango, Mexico Genealogy|Durango]] </li> * <li>[[Guanajuato, Mexico Genealogy|Guanajuato]]</li>* <li>[[Guerrero, Mexico Genealogy|Guerrero]] </li> * <li>[[Hidalgo, Mexico Genealogy|Hidalgo]] </li> * <li>[[Jalisco, Mexico Genealogy|Jalisco]] </li> * <li>[[State of Mexico, Mexico Genealogy|State of Mexico]] </li> * <li>[[Michoacán]] </li> |style="vertical-align:top; padding:0.5em"|* <li>[[Morelos, Mexico Genealogy|Morelos]] </li> * <li>[[Nayarit, Mexico Genealogy|Nayarit]] </li> * <li>[[Nuevo León, Mexico Genealogy|Nuevo León]] </li> * <li>[[Oaxaca, Mexico Genealogy|Oaxaca]] </li> * <li>[[Puebla, Mexico Genealogy|Puebla]] </li> * <li>[[Querétaro, Mexico Genealogy|Querétaro]]</li>* <li>[[Quintana Roo, Mexico Genealogy|Quintana Roo]] </li> * <li>[[San Luis Potosí, Mexico Genealogy|San Luis Potosí]] </li> |style="vertical-align:top; padding:0.5em"|* <li>[[Sinaloa, Mexico Genealogy|Sinaloa]] </li> * <li>[[Sonora, Mexico Genealogy|Sonora]] </li> * <li>[[Tabasco, Mexico Genealogy|Tabasco]] </li> * <li>[[Tamaulipas, Mexico Genealogy|Tamaulipas]] </li> * <li>[[Tlaxcala, Mexico Genealogy|Tlaxcala]] </li> * <li>[[Veracruz, Mexico Genealogy|Veracruz]] </li> * <li>[[Yucatán, Mexico Genealogy|Yucatán]] </li> * <li>[[Zacatecas, Mexico Genealogy|Zacatecas]]</li>
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