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Zambia Archives and Libraries

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Website #2: [ University of Zambia Library]
== Museums ==
'''Livingstone Museum'''<br>Mosi-oa-Tunya Rd<br>Telephone: +260 213 324429/323566<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ David Livingstone Museum Tour]<br>
Website #2: [ Livingstone Museum]<br>
Website #3: [ Livingstone Museum]<br>
Website #4: [ Dr Livingstone’s Museum]
:The Livingstone Museum is located in the heart of the city of Livingstone. Established in 1934, the Livingstone Museum is the oldest and largest of the four national museums in the country
For a list of museums in Zambia, go to [ List of museums in Zambia] in Wikipedia.
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