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Oklahoma Vital Records

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Online Oklahoma Birth, Marriage and Death Records
*[ Oklahoma Genealogy Search]
*[ Oklahoma Genealogical Society On-Line Records]
===By Event===
</center> <center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Births'''''</span></center>
*[ Department of Health Birth Index]
*[ Early Oklahoma Birth Records]
*[ Oklahoma State Vital Records Index] <br><br>
<center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Marriages'''''</span></center>
*[ United States Marriages – Oklahoma, 1790-1998] ($) index and images
*[ Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Marriage, Citizenship and Census Records, 1841-1927] ($)
*[ Oklahoma Marriages 1842-1912] ($), index
*{{RecordSearch|1681007|Oklahoma Marriages, 1870-1930}} Index only.
*[ Oklahoma, Select Marriages, 1870-1930], ($), index
*[ Oklahoma, Marriages, 1870-1930], ($), index
*[ Web: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Marriage Index, 1889-1951]
*{{RecordSearch|1709399|Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995}} Index and images.
*[ Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995] index and images, ($)
*[ OKGenWeb Oklahoma Marriages]<br><br>
<center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Divorces'''''</span></center>
*[ Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Divorce Index, 1923-1942]<br><br>
<center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Deaths'''''</span></center>
*[ Department of Health Death Index]
*{{RecordSearch|1202535|United States Social Security Death Index}}
*{{RecordSearch|3518733|Oklahoma Deaths and Burials, 1864-1941}}, index.
*[ U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014] ($)
*[ U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007], incomplete, ($).<br><br>
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