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The Swedish Parish Pages are under construction. Each parish page is listed in alphabetical order through the table below. Remember we are using the correct Swedish alphabetical order which includes the Å, Ä, and Ö after the letter Z respectively. The effort to create a great page for each parish in Sweden is a huge project, any assistance would be appreciated.<br>
As each parish page must have a unique "page name" in the FamilySearch Wiki, please consider the following:<br>
* Although most parishes have a unique name, there are many that do not. In these cases the name of the county, district, or city has been used in the title of the page.<br>
*The parishes in larger cities have been named as: City name: parish name <br>
*Many parishes have an alternate name (like an alias). In these cases, we provide the alias name and link it to the page of the official name. <br>
* Here are some examples of developing parish pages: [[Lungsund parish, Sweden|Lungsund]], [[Färnebo parish, Sweden|Färnebo]], [[Askersund Stadsförsamling parish, Sweden|Askersund Stadsförsamling]] <br>
<br>  {| cellspacing="0" cellpadding="20" border="1"
| [[Swedish Parish Pages A|A]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages B|B]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages C|C]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages D|D]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages E|E]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages F|F]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages G|G]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages H|H]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages I|I]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages J|J]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages K|K]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages L|L]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages M|M]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages N|N]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages O|O]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages P|P]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages Q|Q]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages R|R]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages S|S]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages T|T]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages U|U]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages V, W |V, W]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages X, Y, Z |X, Y, Z]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages Å|Å]]
| [[Swedish Parish Pages Ä|Ä]]| [[Swedish Parish Pages Ö|Ö]]
What's a parish? See article: [[Sweden: The Parish (Socken)|Sweden: The Parish (Socken)]]
Another great parish listing is: [ Sveriges församlingar genom tiderna (Swedish Parishes throughout time)]<br>
For parish maps go to:
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