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1984 Tyron Medley, Utah's first black judge 3rd Circuit Court appointed by Gov. Scott Matheson
Carter, Katre B. ''The Story of the Negro Pioneer''. ''84 p. ''. Daughters of Utah Pioneers C. 1965. (Green Flake, Hark Lay, Oscar Crosby, Jane Manning James, Faithful John. Elijah Abel,Toby, Uncle Phil, Liz Flake Roan, Bankhead Families, Perkins Family,Crosby Family,Grice Family, Hannah Smith, Knelt and Henderson, Thomas Bedford Graham, Hooper, Williams and Johnson, Camp and Greer, Judge Drummond's Negro,&nbsp; Dennis family, Gobo Fango, Leggroan Family, Samuel Chambers, Dan Brockman, William Granstaff, Len Hope,George Keller,David H. Oliver, and Chaplain Allensworth){{FHL|21795|item|disp=FHL Book 979.2 F2ck}} [ 1 Digital Version] [ WorldCat]<br>
*Coleman, Ronald Gerald. ''A History of Blacks in Utah, 1825–1910''. 1980. Reprint, Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms International, 1990. (Family History Library {{FHL|979.2 F2c|disp=book 979.2 F2c}}.) This addresses differing occupations, from trappers to African-American soldiers. In the appendix, a census summary is found and a study on occupations.[ WorldCat]
*Carter, Kate B. The Story of the Negro Pioneer. Daughters of Utah Pioneers. c 1965. FHL book 979.2 F2ck&nbsp; [ WorldCat]&nbsp; [ 1 Digital version]
*Carter, Kate B.''The Story of the Negro Pioneer''. C. 1965. Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Salt Lake City, Utah
*Davis, Lenwood G. ''Blacks in the State of Utah: A Working Bibliography'' Lenwood G. Davis; Mary Vance, editor. - Monticello, Ill.: Council of Planning Librarians, 1974.
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