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*'''1783''' Personal Property (or Land) Tax List, 1783. Online at: [ Revolutionary War Service].
*'''1783''' ''Property Tax List of Culpeper County, Virginia: And Names of Slaves, 1783.'' 1936. By Mary Boldridge Norris. Raleigh, NC : n.p. Online at: [ Ancestry ($)]; [ FamilySearch Digital Library].
*'''1783''' ''Virginia Tax Payers, 1782-87, Other Than Those Published by the United States Census Bureau.'' 1940. By Augusta B. Fothergill and John Mark Naugle. Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing Co. Online at: [ 1 FamilySearch Digital Library], {{FHL|975.5 R4f 1978}}. 1783 personal property tax list of Culpeper County.
*'''1787''' ''The 1787 Census of Virginia: An Accounting of the Name of Every White Male Tithable Over 21 Years, the Number of White Males Between 16 & 21 Years, the Number of Slaves over 16; Those Under 16 Years, Together with a Listing of Their Horses, Cattle; Carriages, and Also the Names of All Persons to Whom Ordinary Licenses and Physician's Licenses Were Issued.'' By Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love. c1987. Springfield, Virginia : Genealogical Books in Print. {{WorldCat|851571982|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}. Culpeper County is included in Vol. 1.
*'''1788-1789''' ''Some Delinquent Taxpayers 1787-1790.'' By Robert Y. Clay. ''The Virginia Genealogist'', Vol. 19, No. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1975):190-194. {{FHL|975.5 B2vg}}; CD available at: [ New England Ancestors ($)]. These records often identify migrants who left the county and their intended destinations. Culpeper County's 1788-1789 Delinquent Lists appear on p. 29-31.
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