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=== Additional Databases and Online Resources ===
*'''1600s-2017:''' [ '''<u>United States Obituary Notices</u>'''] at FindMyPast ($)
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*'''1800s-2000s:''' [ '''<u>Alabama Death Collections</u>'''] at FamilySearch
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Alabama Deaths and Burials, 1881-1952<br>
Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974<br>
Alabama, Mobile Magnolia Cemetery Interment Cards, 1836-1995<br>
Alabama, Friends of Magnolia Cemetery, Funeral Books, 1911-1965<br>
United States Social Security Death Index<br>
Find A Grave Index<br>
BillionGraves Index<br>
GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014<br>
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*'''1831-1994:''' '''<u>[ Alabama, Church Records, 1831-1994]'''</u> at FamilySearch
*'''1908-1959:''' [ <u>'''Alabama, Death Index, 1908-1959''''</u>] at Ancestry ($)
*'''1935-2014:''' [ '''<u>U.S., Social Security Death Index</u>'''] at Ancestry ($)
*'''1936-2007:''' [ '''<u>U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims</u>'''] at Ancestry ($)
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