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My name is Sister Teri L. Welch. I am retired and currently serve as a full-time missionary for the Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission. I recently received my Associate Degree from BYU-I after completing the Pathway Program four years ago. I have college credits on my transcript from every BYU campus in the world except BYU-Jerusalem. (I love might need to apply for a study abroad semester to correct that!) Ilove the Pathway program and highly recommend it to any one looking to complete their college education!) I have a missionary deferral from BYU-I in case I want to go on to complete my Bachelor Degree after my mission. My strongest talent has always been organization. I love to organize, although I must admit I am getting to an age where it does not seem as important as it has all of my life. Coloring with grandchildren seems to be a bigger priority, and I have been blessed with five (3 boys and 2 girls) so I have had a lot of practice coloring. I love to read, I love the ocean (scuba) and the mountains (camping)! I served in the Boy Scouts of America for 30 years in many areas from den leader to District Commissioner. My favorite assignment was Webelos den leader of 10 ten-year-olds. It was delightful and one of my most cherished memories. My church callings have mainly revolved around the Scouting program, but I have also taught in Young Women (before my Scounting career began), Sunday School, Relief Society, and primary and served as Primary President and a counselor (over Scouting) in the Stake Primary Presidency. I completed my first (very small) editing job on the Wiki just yesterday and found it to be a lot of fun! I look forward to serving wherever I am needed.
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