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'''Bolton Historical Society'''<br> Bolton, CT 06043.<br> E-Mail: []<br> [ Website]<br>
<br>'''Booth & Dimock Memorial Library'''<br>1134 Main Street<br>Coventry, CT 06238<br>860-742-7606<br> E-mail: []<br>[ Facebook]<br>[ Website]<br>
'''Columbia Historical Society'''<br>P.O. BOX 551<br>COLUMBIA, CT 06237<br> E-mail: []<br>[ Website]<br>
'''Coventry Historical Society'''<br>3282 South St<br>P.O. Box 534<br>Coventry CT 06238<br>E-mail: []<br>[ Facebook]<br>[ Website]<br>
'''Mansfield Public Library'''<br>54 Warrenville Rd.<br>Mansfield Center, CT 06250<br>860-423-2501<br> E-mail: []<br>[ Website]
<br>'''Saxton B. Little Free Library'''<br>319 Route 87<br>Columbia, CT 06237<br>(860) 228-0350<br> E-mail: []<br>[ Facebook]<br>[ Website]<br>
'''Stafford Historical Society'''<br>5 Spring St.<br>Stafford Springs, CT 06076<br>860-684-7978<br>
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