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'''1829 '''Roman Catholics are permitted by law to buy and inherit property and keep records.
'''1834''' many non-Church of Scotland ministers were allowed to perform marriages
'''1843''' Ministers break away from the Presbyterian Church and form the Free Church.
'''1847''' The Secession and Relief Churches combine to form the United Presbyterian Church. At that time, the Free Church had five million members(some settled in Ontario, Canada), and the United Presbyterian Church had two million members.
== Historical Sources ===== Church Histories ===
For more information on church history or the history of a particular denomination, see the [[Scotland Church Records|Scotland Church Records]] page or look in the [ FamilySearch Catalog] under:
=== Parish Histories ===
Histories written about individual parishes can provide information on the:
 *parish *churches within the parish *schools
*population of the parish.
The following book contains brief parish histories:
*''[ Statistical Accounts of Scotland].'' Wakerfield, England: EP Publishing Limited, [197?]. (Family History Library book 941 B4sa.) This work has three series covering different time periods, [ 1791-1795] and [ 1834-1845], and [ 1947-1992]
For other parish histories, look in the [ FamilySearch Catalog] under:
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