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==== Chattanooga Public Library Downtown ====
[[Image:Chattanooga Public Library TN.jpg|right|280px|Chattanooga Public Library TN.jpg]]'''[[Chattanooga Public Library Downtown]]''' <br>1001 Broad Street<br>Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402<br>Telephone: 423-757-5317<br>E-mail: []<br> Website: [httphttps://catalogchattlibrary.lib.chattanooga.govorg/localHistlocal-history/localHist.html Local History and Genealogy Department]<br><br>
:Includes the Upper South's largest family folder collection which is heavy on '''''North Carolina'''''.<ref name="DB85" /> Internet genealogy databases, census, newspapers, obituary index, county records, 30,000 books, manuscripts, and genealogical periodicals.<ref>[ Local History and Genealogy Department] in ''Chattanooga Public Library'' (accessed 11 February 2014).</ref><br><br>
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