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=== Church Records<br> ===
Congregational Church (Duxbury, Vermont) Records, 1835-1900, are available on [ microfilm] at the Family History Library.
=== City Directories<br> ===
Town Clerk Vital and Town Records, 1903-1988, can be found on [ FamilySearch] (browse only images).<br>
The Family History Library has microfilm of original records from the Duxbury Town Clerk's Office. These include&nbsp; [ Records of births, marriages, and deaths, 1883-1997; indexes to births, marriages, deaths, 1775-1997], [ Index to records of birth, death and marriage, 1788-1909 approx.], [ Records of marriage, birth and death, 1840-1882 approx.], and&nbsp; [ Land records, 1770-1876].
Duxbury Town Clerk<br>5421 Vermont 100<br>Duxbury, VT 05676<br>Phone: (802) 244-6660<br>Website: []<br>
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